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Multi-Channel Marketing

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                       Combine email, telemarketing and/or mailing lists with your next campaign!

The Benefit

So what is "Multi-Channel Marketing"? In the direct marketing industry, we define multi-channel marketing as the act of reaching the same prospects with a similar or related message through a combination of two or more direct marketing methods including email, telemarketing or postal direct mail.

Here's an example: You may be targeting IT professionals for a seminar you're sponsoring. In a more traditional direct marketing campaign, you would rent an email list to promote the event. Your traditional campaign may even involve renting a telemarketing for a similar group of IT Professionals from another source as well. But the problem is that, using lists from different sources, you're not really reaching the same people more than once. In the efficient use of a multi-channel strategy, you would use a list of identical prospects, and reach them using two or more of the disciplines. These identical prospects can be reached only through the same list source (owner). By contacting the same prospect with identical or similar messages, marketers gain an important advantage by making multiple impressions for their product or service to the same decision maker. This can dramatically improve response rates.

The Challenge

The ability to implement a multi-channel program is limited by the list or database owners' capability to provide matching lists of identical records. For instance, only about 20-30% of most high-quality postal mailing lists have permission from the recipients to also send third-party emails. In such a case, the universe to reach prospects through a multi-channel effort is limited by the number of email records available. Fortunately, there are many excellent resources covering the business-to-business markets that contain enough multi-channel quantities to fulfill orders. Presently, these resources only account for a small group of all available lists in comparison to the entire list universe.

If you are interested in pursuing a multi-channel program, we suggest that you contact one of our account executives by registering now or calling us at 914-765-0700 to discuss current multi-channel list availability in your markets.
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